The Parish

Thurcroft is a civil parish situated southeast of Rotherham in the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham in South Yorkshire, England and has easy access to the M18 and M1 Motorway.

The village is surrounded by green belt and farm land. Until the early 20th century, there was no settlement of Thurcroft, only Thurcroft Hall and four farms: New Orchard, Sawn Moor, Green Arbour and Steadfold. The Hall was occupied by one of the owners of the colliery which with The presence of coal was the single most contributing factor to the Parish's development

Thurcroft Colliery was sunk mid 1909 and the village which was built for the workers became known as Thurcroft. In 1918, coke ovens and a brickworks were erected at Thurcroft. The factory was situated at the end of New Orchard Lane (commonly called Pit Lane by the local villagers, because it led to the pit), on the land where the New Orchard Housing Estate (private houses) now stands. Closure came in 1991 after the Miners Strike. The Parish Council area is made up of Thurcroft , Brampon en le Morthen and Laughton Common. For electoral purposes the Parish Council is split into two Wards Thurcroft Northand and Thurcroft South

Parish Map

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